A Gardener’s Guide to Recruiting: Why Diversity Matters

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to join the IAB’s iDiverse task force which has been a great experience. A lot of time has been spent identifying the reasons why diversity matters: the power of different outlooks; the moral argument that it is the right thing to do; the idea that diverse companies are more competitive. As a recruiter, I never want to think someone is turned away due to gender, race, religion, or age but it does happen. One of the questions discussed at the task force is why it matters. My gut reaction is that it just does.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how my gardening reminds me of recruiting. When I frame the diversity question in this context, I do think about a garden. Imagine a garden planted with only one type of plant or one color flower. It may pack a punch or make a statement, but I would always opt to wander a garden that has some established plants and a variety of beds filled with a dazzling array of flowers. Different plants add balance to a garden and bloom at different times. Different types of people do the same at a company. Someone with years of experience will bring a different perspective than a recent grad. Someone who has struggled due to circumstances may bring more grit than someone who has always had access to opportunity. These differences are the beauty behind a garden and the strength behind a good company.


Note: this article originally appeared on LinkedIn here.

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Kelly Herrick

Kelly Herrick is the founder of Searchlight, a digital recruitment firm specializing in media, advertising, and emerging technology. Originally from Texas, Kelly has made NY her home and lives with her husband, son, dog, and three cats in Westchester.