Remote Hiring Made Easy: How to Build an Effective Team from Home

Hiring has changed dramatically in the past year. In the wake of COVID, questions of geography and commuting time have now shifted to ones about conference technology and managing teams from afar. Working remotely has become the new normal, and recruiters and hiring managers are adapting their hiring practices to accommodate the challenges of a global health crisis and rising unemployment rates. Now more than ever, companies can incorporate these digital hiring processes to attract top talent and continue to thrive amidst social distancing and quarantine guidelines.

Streamline Hiring Processes

Streamline hiring processes to maximize efficiency and avoid missing out on the right candidate. A good first step to optimize your hiring is to reassess your pre-screening process: refine the job description to ensure role requirements are specific and benefits are clear to those applying. In times like these, it’s vital to be competitive so check with other leaders in your field and similar roles to ensure background and reference checks are standardized. This will ensure your team can evaluate candidates quickly and will also help to avoid any unconscious biases by establishing a transparent and uniform hiring process.

Be Clear with Candidates

Many companies are pausing hiring right now and in doing so— keeping candidates in the loop is critical and establishing that method of communication equally important. Be consistent with how you communicate with potential hires whether that’s via email, LinkedIn, or another communication platform. Keeping all your communication in one place will help stay organized and track candidates through the process— and ultimately make it easier to find candidates with similar profiles in the future. When it comes to hiring— time is money, so companies should be prepared to act quickly to secure their ideal hire.

Don’t Disappear

Maintain regular meetings and staff engagement to help integrate new hires and establish a sense of normalcy for current staff. Disappearing management and structure during uncertain times often elevate employee stress levels and reduce productivity, so providing as much stability as possible is paramount. Digital technology like Slack and similar platforms can help maintain camaraderie during this distanced time and help recruiters get to know a candidate’s personality in a more informal setting than an email. Additionally, businesses should consider hosting online events and virtual fairs to network with potential candidates and boost employee morale. This will give employers a chance to pool candidates while getting to know them one-on-one, saving employers valuable time while further refining the recruiting process.

Flex those Marketing Muscles

Now is not the time to sleep on your social media game and neglecting your online presence is a swift way to hurt your recruiting chances. Candidates are looking to social media to see how companies are acclimating during this crisis and regular, original posts help not only to boost brand engagement but offer a competitive edge. When done right, social media can convey a company’s voice, values, and culture to candidates. By investing in original content tailored to your brand and designating a consistent schedule of social media posts, companies can build a robust and resilient pipeline.

Final Thoughts

COVID may have altered the landscape of hiring but it’s entirely possible to find phenomenal candidates with a few tweaks in the screening process and makeup of communication. To mitigate economic damage, employers should cultivate a dynamic online presence and be mindful of the challenges of working from home. It’s a difficult time for many industries but through community and compassion— we’ll bounce back.


Note: This article first appeared on LinkedIn (9/16/20) here.
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Meg Griffitts

Meg Griffitts is a Copywriter at Searchlight as well as a Teaching Artist and award-winning poet.